PC SOUND CARDS – An Introduction

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PC Sound Cards, Audio Interfaces, Mobile Audio Interfaces are the computer hardware devices that allow you to hear sounds and music through your speakers or headphones and provide the input for microphones and musical instruments etc. Sound Cards and Audio Interfaces are available to fit  PC, Desk Top Computer, Laptop, Notebook, iPad and other compatible machines. PC Sound Cards, provide the audio component for entertainment such as games, on-line TV, YouTube, iTunes library, Music CD’s, DVD,s and Blu-ray. They can also provide the audio interface requirements for music composition and recording, editing video or audio; multimedia applications as used for presentations and education. Many computers have basic sound capabilities built in to their motherboard offering the fundamental needs such as single unbalanced microphone/line in put and simple 2 speaker output.

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In order to take advantage of the rich multimedia applications that are now available to us all, digital quality audio, 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound, to record superb vocals, musical instruments, even an entire live musical performance or just to make your gaming experience unbelievably immersive, there exists an excellent range of PC Sound Cards capable of providing exactly what you need to achieve.

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Every week, on this site, pcsoundcards.org, we will present PC Sound Cards available to you on the market today. We will offer reviews, insights, functionality and capabilities and much much more You will be able to identify which Audio Interface is the one for your needs. We will scour the internet to bring you the best prices. Make pcsoundcards.org part of your network and look back often to find out all you need to know about exceptional audio for your requirements.

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How to install an Asus Xonar D2X PCI E 7.1 soundcard – HD 1080

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0 How to install an Asus Xonar D2X PCI E 7.1 soundcard   HD 1080Do the work on the table not carpet, unless you have an anti-static mat.

Tools needed: Screwdriver, hands.

Caution: Make sure the computer is unplugged from power and dis-connected.

Touch the metal back or side panel of the PC case to avoid static electricity.

Step 1: Remove the 2 screws on the side of the PC case and slide the panel off.

Step 2: Connect the power to the soundcard, which I point at in the video. Slot it straight and be careful not to bend the pins. The cable is from the power supply, the unit where all the power leads come from, find the floppy disk power lead. It’s a very small and thin plug. If your power supply does not have it, you can buy an adaptor very cheaply.

Step 3: Now the power lead is connected, find a PCI Express slot on the motherboard. If there is a cover, unscrew it or you might have to break the metal out of the slot. It can be any speed from x1.6. Lign up the card with the slot and drop it in place. Now screw the audio card into the case slot.

Step 4: Drop in the MIDI bracket into another slot, screw it in place, and the ports at the top of the soundcard, all 3 of them are for MIDI brackets. With the supplied cable connect the soundcard to the MIDI bracket. Careful not to touch anything else in the case.

Step 5: Slide case back on, screw tight and re-connect all cables. Then install the Drivers and utilities CD first in Windows.

Duration : 0:1:24

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Award Winning PC Sound Card for Movies, Music & Gaming

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The Auzen X-Fi Bravura 7.1 is a high-end PC sound card designed for playing Movies, Music, and Gaming. Enjoy stunning audio for music and movies, true to the way the producers intended (includes DTS™ Neo:PC and DTS™ Interactive). Full support for gamers with EAX 4.0.

Auzentech sound cards are recognised as some of the best in the business, including real technological innovations such as, independent headphone output circuitry to accomodate professional headphones, optimal design for analog audio and I/O mode control.

Main Features

PCI Express Slot Connectivity:

PCI Express™ (PCIe) is a serial bus standard that provides a higher throughput than the older, parallel PCI bus standard. Not adapted , built as a native-PCI Express™ sound card, the X-Fi™ Bravura can therefore take full advantage of the higher-throughput of the PCIe bus.

Multichannel Speaker output:

114dB Digital to Analogue Converters (DAC) with high quality metalized capacitors for the filter circuitry. Swappable Operational Amplifiers (OPAMPs) for all channels

pc sound card Award Winning PC Sound Card for Movies, Music & Gaming

Independent Headphone Output Circuitry:

With a maximum sampling rate of 24/192kHz output, the Auzen X-Fi Bravura 7.1 is suitable for professional headphones.  The proprietary headphone amplifier uses an independent 120dB DAC, an upgradable OPAMP, and film capacitors for the DAC filter.

X-Balance Pointing Ground Supply™:

Auzentech’s proprietary Pointing Ground Design™ shares one point for the DAC, OPAMP, Power supply and to the output jack,  stopping noise from interfering with the signal, outputting a signal with much less distortion. In the Auzen X-Fi Bravura 7.1,  the design has been improved over previous models for even greater output filtering and driving capacity. The X-Balance Pointing Ground Supply™  uses Conductive Polymer Capacitors with ten times the ESR rating than normal condenser capacitors and a superior instant power supply capacity.

Certified for Windows 7:

Drivers are available for download that have passed the Windows Hardware Quality Testing (WHQL) for Windows

I/O Mode Control:

Auzen X-Fi Bravura 7.1 provides presets for Analog I/O to adapt to the environment of the user.

pc sound cards Award Winning PC Sound Card for Movies, Music & Gaming

Independent Reviews

  • “First tune played, I was totally blown away.”
  • “Auzentech have made a sound card where the music is in 3D your listining to music in color, hard to explain it is so good.”
  • “What a card I had no idea that music could be that clean, that good.”
  • ” If you require the best in Audio then get this PC Sound Card
  • “Sound Card on steroids.”


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What to consider when choosing PC Sound Cards for recording

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When choosing PC Sound Cards for recording you need to take a number of things into consideration. First, be realistic about how many inputs and outputs you need. Do you want to record a whole band or just one instrument at a time? Do you require digital I/O in order to interface with other audio hardware that has digital connections or not? Choosing PC Sound Cards with more I/O’s isn’t necessarily better, you do not have to pay for connectivity you do not need.

Next, find out what connection options you have on your computer, PCI, PCI-Express, USB, USB 2.0 and or FireWire? Are you going for internal or external?

Take a look at the specifications of the audio interface you are interested in. Is it important that you choose a sound card able to use high sample rates and bit depths. What about the dynamic range of the hardware, is it acceptable to you? Note: The dynamic range of PC Sound Cards is the level at which your audio signal is louder than the noise floor of the converters. A sound card with a dynmic range of 100 dB, for example, allows for 100dB of volume before you will begin to hear the hum and hiss of the instruments or other background noise.

PC Sound Cards What to consider when choosing PC Sound Cards for recording


You will find PC Sound Cards / Audio interfaces with the connectivity and I/O you need at every price range, however, you should immediately rule out any models that are too expensive for your budget, to reduce the amount of remaining research. It is very important to remember that an Audio Interface or Sound card is one of the most important parts of your recording solution and not one to skimp on. Be sure to choose a quality unit that matches your requirements.

Here on the PC Sound Cards site we have undertaken many reviews on what we consider to be some of the best audio interfaces available on the market today. Pleas take a look at our Sound Card Review page for more information and browse our on-line  Sound Card Store


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Award Winning Digital Sound Card for Recording

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The M-Audio Audiophile 2496 internal Digital Sound Card is considered to offer the highest quality audio and performance that is unequaled by other PCI Sound Cards in its class and price range. This critically acclaimed audio card offers first class digital audio converters, superb stable drivers and high precision board design, with simple In/Out connectivity. Designed and developed by world leading computer audio experts M-Audio, the Audiophile 2496 operates on all computer platforms and major software programs, making integration into your system seamless and delivering the performance you demand. This Digital Sound card is understandably one of the best selling in the industry.

Digital Sound Card Award Winning Digital Sound Card for Recording

Main features

  • Award-winning acclaimed 24-bit/96kHz digital sound card
  • High end gold-plated RCA jack connectivity
  • Digital S/PDIF In/Out with PCM and AC-3/DTS passthrough
  • Capable of 2 x 2 full-duplex audio performance
  • Includes 1 x 1 MIDI In/Out
  • Zero latency software monitoring
  • Bundled with multi-award winning Ableton Live Lite music production software – Get recording straight away

blue buynow1 Award Winning Digital Sound Card for Recording

Independent Reviews

“How does it sound? In a word, stunning. This has to be one of the best sounding audio cards we’ve had in for review…”

- Computer Music

“I’m sold! I know of no comparable system that combines such high sound quality with recording and editing software of such sophisticated elegance for the remarkable price, take on anything from singer-songwriter demos, to multitrack live band recordings, to high sample rate digital transfers, and produce reliable, great-sounding results with absolute minimum frustration and head-scratching. And, for me, making life easy and inspiring the user is what truly superior hardware and software is supposed to do!”

- Pro Audio Review

“This audio card is great. I’ve used it for home recording, and I get top quality recordings out of it. Its audio output is significantly better than an onboard audio device or even a sound blaster card. The lows out of this really shine, and it gives you crystal clarity on all frequency bands.

- Amazon buyer

“Excellent sound, simple to use, at a great price”

- Amazon buyer


For other Digital Sound Card reviews for all different applications from gaming, podcasting, Home Theatre, or to find the right choice to simply improve our Laptop or Mac Audio please visit:

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